Calfee Design

There is no doubt that Craig Calfee helped reinvent modern cycling. His use and innovation of carbon fiber changed the way everyone uses pedals to go fast.

We were initially brought in to help rethink the Calfee website. It had been a while since it was updated and didn't reflect new product offerings or the innovation that the company brought to custom made cycles.

It was obvious to us that more was needed. From branding to merchandising, F23 helped Calfee Design rethink its marketing.

Old Calfee logo
New Calfee logo
Calfee Design Home Page

An full-blown eCommerce site for Calfee was not an option during the rebranding. After consulting with Calfee and determining their core needs, we created a Shopify site that gave them the basics and captured additional revenue from the web.

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With our new look & feel in place, it was time to tell everyone about the 'new' Calfee.


Calfee also is a master at repairing carbon fibre bikes. We developed an identity for that side of the business and one for his Di2 battery seat post.